How to avoid property maintenance issues


Property maintenance can be a stressful business for all parties concerned if it isn’t done right. A recent study demonstrates this, as it has revealed that a record number of tenants have experienced maintenance issues with their landlord.

The report states that almost 50% of tenants have admitted to experiencing property maintenance issues with their landlord, often leading to lengthy deposit disputes, so it is clearly a bone of contention between the parties.

It’s therefore vital that as a landlord, you choose the right company to carry out any property maintenance work. We don’t like to boast but the team at JH Building & Maintenance are skilled professionals who will do their utmost to ensure that your tenants remain happy.

We’re not totally surprised that this tops the list of issues between tenants and landlords as tenants are less likely to want to repair faults as they aren’t the home owner, and landlords will often blame tenants for the faults.

While on average, only 2% of the total number of tenancies will require a formal dispute resolution to solve disputes, property maintenance accounts for a huge 42% of these cases. The disputes are often over issues such as cleaning, damage to the property, and general redecoration costs, something which trained South London property specialists JH Building & Maintenance can deal with.

However, it’s important to understand that property maintenance is a two-way street, meaning it’s vital that both the tenant and the landlord play their part in maintaining the property. Communication is the key ingredient to a successful tenancy, which can mean that if and when any issues do arise, that they can be rectified quickly and efficiently.

Each party should be accepting of their responsibility for the property and understand the concept of fair wear and tear, and each is responsible for any deterioration to the property. At JH Building & Maintenance we provide a whole host of services, as we can assist with home improvement and redecoration on the tenant’s behalf.

However, we also can assist a landlord or letting agent with their rental portfolio, carrying out a variety of high quality property maintenance projects, however big or small the job may be.

There are also laws in place should either party fail to keep to their end of the bargain. If either demonstrates foul play then they could be found to be violating the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, leaving either party open to legal challenge. For the landlord, this is one of their worst nightmares as if a legal challenge by a tenant is successful; it could mean a lack of rental payment.

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