Interior design tips to maximise sleep in ‘Sleeptember'


September often signals the end of summer and the beginning of a new routine for many who may have been off over the summer months. It can be hard, however, to get back in the swing of things, and often the first thing that gets affected is the amount of sleep you get.

It has been revealed in a study by the Sleep Council that Britons are not getting an adequate amount of sleep, and they have subsequently launched ‘Sleeptember’; a sleep awareness initiative to ensure that we think more about how much we’re sleeping this month.

Here at JH Building & Maintenance we understand the importance of a good night's sleep and will guide you through ways of redecorating your bedroom in the hope of getting you more shut eye! Getting to sleep can be one of the most difficult things to master, yet affects almost every aspect of our lives.

The study found that over 70 per cent of Britons only sleep for seven hours or less every evening, lower than the daily recommended eight hours. Even more worryingly, it has been reported that 27 per cent experience poor-quality sleep on a regular basis. Don’t fear, though, if you’re struggling to drop off, there are ways in which you can alter your bedroom to create a calming and sleep-inducing ambience.

The first thing you must consider is your bedroom’s colour scheme. If you’re looking to introduce a calming feel to your bedroom, then the nautical mix of pale blue and white has been proven to compliment each other.

Another favourite, maybe for those without children, is an all-white ensemble with a muted wallpaper design to send you off to the land of the nod. It’s also important that you’re kitted out with the best sheets too; silky natural tree-fibre sheets are a favourite with many.

We understand the difference that a freshly designed bedroom can make, and spend our time in properties across South London ensuring everything they touch is left looking flawless and can do the same for your home, too.

It has also been suggested that lighting can play a part in your sleep pattern. The most effective bedroom lighting plan should include a mix of ambient, accent and tasking lighting. Ambient lighting should be there to serve the same ‘bathing’ function as natural sunlight, accent lighting to highlight visual features and task lighting to ensure that your night-time read is well lit. Additionally, many think that black-out blinds are the secret to the perfect nights sleep, but in fact it’s much better that you wake to natural light. Ultimately, your bedroom should be the home of relaxation and rest so it’s important that the rooms lighting reflects that.

A great mattress is also key to a great nights sleep, and the best thing to do before you buy is determine which type is right for you. It has been suggested that your sleeping position should determine the type of mattress you will need, so make sure you inquire about this before making your purchase.

Other factors which have been proven to send those off to sleep are reading a great book, having a milky drink and thinking about a calming waterfall or a tranquil beach.

If you’re bedroom is failing in the sleep stakes and you’re considering a spot of redecoration, the guys at JH Building & Maintenance are trained property specialists who will know how to make the best of your property.

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