Property maintenance is the biggest worry for older homeowners


So you purchase your home, you’re a happy resident and in turn you grow older in the property. Family life often takes over and your property can become a little neglected.

In a recent survey from Age UK Enterprises, it revealed that a fifth of homeowners aged sixty or above felt that the cost of keeping their property maintained was their biggest concern later in life.

Here at JH Building and Maintenance, a trusted home improvement specialist, this come as no surprise as for homeowners, their property is not only their primary financial asset, but it’s also their pride and joy, and they want it to remain well presented all year round.

When it comes to maintaining your home, it isn’t just the property’s aesthetics which you have to take into account. You must also ensure that your property is correctly maintained for insurance purposes, as Age UK warns that insurance claims could be rejected if homeowners have not taken reasonable steps to avoid damage.

General wear and tear is not covered by home insurance policies, so if a problem does develop over time and the homeowner doesn’t take action, the insurer may not pay out. This is why it is vital that as soon as a problem arises at your property, you must contact your local handymen or property maintenance specialists who will be able to resolve the issue with ease and efficiency.

With property maintenance it’s much better that you nip any issue in the bud. This is often done by carrying out regular inspections of your property so you can take action before the problem gets worse. Often these kinds of maintenance issues can escalate fast, costing the homeowner a hefty amount, and causing unnecessary stress. This is something which is not needed at any age, especially when you’ve hit a time in your life when you should be putting your feet up.

In an ideal world, you would save money by doing the work yourself, but to what effect? As you age, the amount of DIY work you should be carrying out around the house should be decreasing, and you should embrace calling in the experts to assist you. Often DIY-ing it can lead to bigger problems, anyway, so why not let us assist you?

As we mentioned in our previous blog, any electrical or plumbing DIY work should also be strictly prohibited unless properly trained, too, as it can be potentially dangerous.

It’s also worth remembering that often it isn’t just your property’s interior which may require some work. At JH Building and Maintenance we also have tradesmen to complete any exterior or garden work that may need completing, especially in the summer months when you want your garden area to be blooming.

If you would prefer to sit back and relax and let a team of trusted and skilled tradesmen do all the hard graft for you, then we’re here to help. As home improvement specialists working across South East London, we provide a thorough, affordable and practical service, without the hassle.

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