Top home improvement tips for making the most of a small room


It’s a well-known fact that homes are getting smaller. As the population grows, housing demand rises and the space for this new housing is limited. This is increasingly the case in inner cities, where people flock for job opportunities and public transport links sacrificing space in the process, as the size of home they can afford dramatically decreases. As home improvement specialists working all over South East London, here at JH Building and Maintenance we have come across many small rooms - here are our top creative tips for making the most of a small property:

Light and Colour: Use light and colour to make a small space appear bigger. If the room in question doesn’t have access to a lot of natural light, try adapting your lighting fixtures. Light pastels, neutral or monochrome are good colour schemes to stick to when trying to open out a room as well as being very fashionable this coming season. Keep the carpets simple and avoid fussy wallpaper. Light coloured or glass furniture can also open up a room.

Furniture: Avoid filling your room with too much furniture. Multiple use, foldaway or stackable furniture pieces are great alternatives to bulky, space eliminating furniture. These types of furniture are specifically designed for small spaces while remaining stylish and useful. Multi-purpose furniture could be anything from a table with storage space, to a lamp that folds into a spare chair. Stackable furniture is great because it folds away easily and quickly to take up less room than when assembled.

Accessories: Clear the shelves, limit your use of accessories and go for a really minimalist décor. Instead of cluttering your surfaces with ornaments and adornments, select a few meaningful pieces which tie the room together. Try picture frames for sentiment, flowers in a stylish vase for a piece that’s easily changeable and art on the walls for something to look at that doesn’t take up surface space.

Built-in Storage: This sort of renovation will not only make your home appear larger but more desirable and could even boost the value of your property. Kitchen designers have come up with lots of space savers for small kitchens including built-in appliances, hidden storage, concealed bins, fold-out breakfast bars and clever corner carousels. Applying some of these ideas to other rooms in your home could make your home the ultimate space saver. Try inventing your own ideas and check the feasibility with your builder. Storage within the stairs, built-in closets and highly placed shelving are a few examples that can really maximise space.

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